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03 Jul 2017
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25 Jun 2015
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Supreme court decision


What Does the Supreme Court Decision Mean for Me?

I purchased health insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace or

Great news! Your affordable quality coverage has not changed. The Supreme Court has confirmed that if you qualify, you can still get financial help to lower the costs of your health care no matter where you live. This means that consumers in every state will continue to be eligible for premium tax credits, lowering the average consumer’s costs by $272 each month.

So, nothing has changed for you. You can still use your health insurance as long as you continue to pay your bills.

As a reminder, tell the Marketplace about any changes to your household, income, and insurance status to get the most accurate tax credit.

I have health insurance through my employer or purchased it on the individual market.

While the Supreme Court case did not directly impact you, you are probably already benefiting from increased financial and health security because of the health care law. These provisions include: banning discriminatory practices such as denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and dropping people from coverage when they get sick; guaranteeing access to insurance when you change jobs , lose a job, or strike out on your own; providing better benefits like guaranteed access to free preventive care; preventing medical bankruptcy by banning annual caps on coverage of essential benefits and requiring new annual limits on out-of-pocket costs; improvements in the care you receive through incentives that promote quality of care and time spent between patients and doctors; and allowing young adults to stay on their family’s plan.


05 May 2015
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